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I’m delighted you came to visit. If you’re looking for edge-of-the-seat suspense or tender, heartwarming romance—without gratuitous violence, explicit love scenes or vulgar language—you’re in the right place! My books have been called clean, compelling fiction, and that sums up my style nicely.

In bookstores, you’ll find my novels in the Christian fiction section. To be honest, when I started my career as a novelist 60+ books ago, I never set out to be a “Christian fiction” writer. I’m not big on labels, which can be limiting. Plus, my faith content is on the subtle side. But as I discovered, Christian fiction not only meshed with my worldview, it is home to a rich and diverse spectrum of thought-provoking, uplifting and entertaining novels. I feel right at home there. I hope you will, too!

So what will you find in my tales of suspense and romance? Characters who are dealing with formidable challenges. Diverse settings, from a sun-kissed lane on Nantucket to a deserted railroad bridge high above a raging river. Touches of humor—because how would we survive without the ability to laugh and smile despite the adversities we face? And most of all, hope-filled endings. We live in a difficult age, but people of honor, principle, character and integrity do exist. You’ll meet them in my books. And I hope they’ll convince you that happy endings are possible.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you’re here!


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