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Romantic Suspense

IN HARM'S WAY (Revell, 2010; ISBN 978-0-8007-3312-4)

FBI special agent Nick Bradley has seen his share of kooks during his fifteen years with the Bureau, from the guy who insisted he’d been abducted by aliens to the woman who claimed God had told her to assist the FBI by acting as His intermediary on difficult cases. But Rachel Sutton is an enigma. She seems normal when she shows up at the FBI office in St. Louis—until she produces a tattered Raggedy Ann doll she found and tells him it gives her bad vibes. Nick dismisses her—only to stumble across a link between the doll and an abducted infant, setting in motion a chain of events that uncovers startling connections…and puts Rachel’s life on the line.


AN EYE FOR AN EYE (Revell, 2009; ISBN 978-0-8007-3311-7)

As a member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team—the nation’s most elite civilian fighting force—Mark Sanders is used to danger. Psychologist Emily Lawson isn’t. Yet danger abounds when a determined killer shatters their unexpected reunion. But who is the target? And why? As they search for answers, the peril escalates. Will they find the killer before he can complete his mission? Or is this new chapter in their long-ago summertime romance destined to have an unhappy ending?


AGAINST ALL ODDS (Revell, 2009; ISBN 978-0-800-73310-0)

For FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Evan Cooper and his partner, dignitary protection duty should have been a piece of cake. Unfortunately, Monica Callahan isn’t making it easy. Estranged from her diplomat father, who is involved in a sensitive hostage situation in the Middle East, she refuses to be intimidated by a related terrorist threat back in the States…until a chilling warning convinces her that the danger is very real—and escalating. As Coop and his partner do their best to keep her safe, David Callahan continues his work—triggering an abduction that puts his daughter’s life at risk. And with every second that ticks by, Coop knows that the odds of saving the only woman who has ever managed to breach the walls around his heart are dropping. Because terrorists aren’t known for their patience—or their mercy.



A FATHER FOR ZACH (Steeple Hill, 2010; ISBN 978-0-373-87591-7)

After serving 10 years for armed robbery, Nathan Clay comes to Nantucket, at last a free man. Having found his way to the Lord while in prison, he’s determined to build a new life—one he hopes will someday include a wife and family. But he knows it will take a special woman to overlook his prison history. Unfortunately, he finds himself falling for Catherine Walker, who has hired him to help her remodel the B&B she’s just bought. While the green-eyed beauty and her endearing six-year-old son quickly capture his heart, he knows the odds against a relationship are high. Because Catherine lost her husband to an armed robber two years before. Yet as he repairs walls within her house, the ones around her heart begin to crumble...and he allows himself to hope that a future might be possible for them. Until a startling accusation disrupts their world and threatens to destroy their dreams of a happily-ever-after.


THE DOCTOR’S PERFECT MATCH (Steeple Hill, 2010; ISBN 978-0-373-87572-6)

After Dr. Christopher Morgan’s one serious romance ended in tragedy, he moved to Nantucket where he’d spent so many happy childhood summers. Almost two years into his new life, he’s beginning to make peace with his past. But no way is he ready to even consider a new relationship. His solitary existence suits him just fine—until Marci Clay enters his life one rainy night and manages to breach the walls around his heart. Blue-collar Marci, however, has no interest in the Boston blue blood doc. A bad experience with the upper crust soured her on rich folks years ago, leaving her with secrets, regrets and tattered self-esteem. Yet Christopher doesn’t conform to her rich-boy stereotype. He rides a bike to work, puts in long, dedicated hours at his job and goes out his way to help his elderly neighbor. Still, nothing can change the fact that they come from two different worlds. With God’s help, can they find a way to reconcile their divergent backgrounds and build a future together?


‡THE HERO NEXT DOOR (Steeple Hill, 2009; ISBN 978-0-373-87541-2)

When two fellow officers die in a sting operation set up by undercover cop Justin “J.C.” Clay, he heads to Nantucket Island on a leave of absence, figuring that working there as a beat cop during the summer tourist season will give him a chance to decompress and regroup. But he hadn’t counted on falling for Heather Anderson, owner of The Devon Rose tearoom. That’s a complication he doesn’t need…or want. Nor is Heather interested in the town’s newest cop—or any man. After experiencing the destructive and far-reaching effects of infidelity, she’s written off romance. But when her well-ordered world is turned upside down by family difficulties and J.C. steps in to help, she begins to believe he’s a man of integrity, honor and principle—and to wonder if he might be the exception to her rule…and a man worth loving.


‡TIDES OF HOPE (Steeple Hill, 2009; ISBN 978-0-373-87529-0)

After fourteen years as a Coast Guard search and rescue specialist, followed by a three-year stint at headquarters in Washington, Lieutenant Craig Cole has been assigned to command the Coast Guard station on Nantucket, where he hopes to quietly finish out his career. It’s as far away as he can get from Hawaii, where he lost his family to the sea. But his peaceful existence is shattered when he clashes with feisty red-haired charter fishing boat captain Katherine MacDonald. A descendent of a famed Nantucket whaling family, Kate doesn’t take kindly to a safety violation citation after the new hot-shot Coast Guard commander beefs up inspections. Since being widowed four years ago while pregnant with her daughter, life has been difficult enough, and she determines to give a wide berth to the by-the-book lieutenant. But once his young daughter arrives and it’s clear he’s a fish out of water when it comes to winning her heart, Kate steps in to help. Sparks fly—but neither wants to take the risk of loving again. Yet it seems God has other plans for them…if they can find the courage to put their trust in Him.


APPRENTICE FATHER (Steeple Hill, 2009; ISBN 978-0-373-87515-3)

A man wary of commitments finds himself responsible for two young, emotionally fragile children when his sister dies under tragic circumstances. Help comes in the form of a physically handicapped woman whose deep, abiding faith turns off the anti-religion hero, but whose kind and loving ways begin to melt the ice around his heart. As he works with her to heal the children, he learns much about love’s transforming power—from a special woman, from two innocent, dependent children, and from the Lord…who leads him home.


WHERE LOVE ABIDES (Steeple Hill, 2008; ISBN 978-0-373-87479-8 )

RITA Award  Finalist

From his first meeting with organic farmer Christine Turner on a rain-slicked highway, Sheriff Dale Lewis is intrigued. But Oak Hill’s newest resident wants nothing to do with men in general—and sheriffs in particular. When Dale begins to uncover the secrets of her past, he, too, approaches with caution. He married one emotionally troubled woman, and he has no desire to repeat that experience—even if his five-year-old daughter is enamored with Christine and views her as a mommy candidate. Yet when he discovers that she’s been wronged, his passion for justice compels him to help her clear her name. In the process, love comes calling for both of them. But can they find the courage to trust that the Lord has brought them together for a purpose…one that includes building a new life together?


A DREAM TO SHARE (Steeple Hill, 2007; ISBN 978-0-373-87467-5)

As the fourth- generation editor of the Oak Hill Gazette, Abby Warner has vowed to carry on the paper's pro ud tradition despite increasing financial problems. But big-city publishing heir Mark Campbell wants to take the paper away from her—and as fast as possible. In a situation rife with tension, sparks fly. But when Mark finds a new purpose for his life in the Podunk town he derided, and Abby begins to realize that there’s more to the playboy heir than she first thought, sparks of a different kind start to fly. Can these two people from very different backgrounds open their hearts to each other and find the courage to embrace the surprising and unexpected opportunity God has sent their way?


FROM THIS DAY FORWARD (Steeple Hill, 2007; ISBN 978-0-373-87455-2) Award Winner!

HOLT Medallion  Winner

After a violent attack ended his surgical career and his marriage shattered, Dr. Sam Martin left Philadelphia for a new life in Oak Hill. Determined to win back the love of his wife, he invites her to his home to recover after she’s involved in a robbery/murder at the restaurant where she works as a chef. Cara accepts, desperate to find a way to conquer the panic attacks that are paralyzing her. But she wants to no part of the husband who betrayed her. Yet deep in America’s heartland, she discovers a changed man. With God’s help, can Cara and Sam find a way to let go of the past and build a new future from the ashes of their past?


RAINBOW’S END (Steeple Hill, 2007; ISBN 978-0-373-87415-6)

RITA Award  Finalist; National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist

Broken, empty and alone after a cross-country search for answers, Keith Michaels takes refuge with reclusive artist Jill Whelan when a sudden storm strands him on Orcas Island. Scarred by her own tragedy, Jill expects the disturbing stranger to leave the next day. But Keith finds unexpected solace on her isolated property, and his one-night stay turns into an extended visit when he agrees to build a studio for her. As these two lonely people join forces to help a little boy in need, will they reconnect with life—and find healing, hope and love at Rainbow’s End?


***THE FAMILY MAN (Steeple Hill, 2006; ISBN 0-373-87392-1)

They’d been childhood sweethearts—Amy Hamilton, eldest daughter in a family publishing dynasty, and Bryan Healey, son of an immigrant from the opposite side of the tracks. He’d wanted marriage; she’d wanted a career first. Unable to reconcile her ambitions with his desire for a home and family, they’d parted. Now, 10 years later, he’s back in town—a widower with a young son in tow…working for the very woman he’d once loved. Neither is ready for the long-buried sparks that flame to life. But can they make peace with their rocky past and forge a future together?


ALL OUR TOMORROWS (Steeple Hill, 2006; ISBN 0-373-87381-6)

HOLT Medallion  Finalist                             Reissued 2007 (Thorndike large print), ISBN 978-0-7862-9381-0

When journalist Caroline Trent lost her fiancée, gifted photographer Michael Sloan, in a suicide bombing in the Middle East, she was overwhelmed not only with grief, but with guilt and resentment for the role both she and Michael’s brother, David, played in his death. When David unexpectedly reenters her life two years later, Caroline is jolted by the surprising—and unwelcome—attraction that begins to simmer between them as they work to help a gifted yet troubled high school student. But along the way, they learn a lesson of their own about the healing power of love.


**THE UNEXPECTED GIFT (Steeple Hill, 2005; ISBN 0-373-87329-8)

Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice  Award Finalist

In this final book of the “Sisters & Brides” series, workaholic Morgan Williams doesn’t see how she can take four days off from work—let alone four weeks—to claim her half of Aunt Jo’s cottage. Nor is she enamored with her disapproving co-heir, Grant Kincaid. But when circumstances change and Morgan finds herself in Maine, adrift professionally and spiritually, she begins to see Grant in a different light. As they work together to save a camp for troubled kids, Morgan is forced to reexamine her priorities—and radically change her life-style. While the new Morgan appeals to Grant, she also scares him. Because now he, too, must make some changes and put his past to rest before they can ever hope to build a future together.


**GIFT FROM THE HEART (Steeple Hill, 2005; ISBN 0-373-87317-4)

HOLT Medallion  Finalist

In the second installment of the “Sisters & Brides” series, Clare Randall must assist Dr. Adam Wright with his eleven-year-old daughter, Nicole. As Clare strives to help the troubled youngster, she discovers that the girl’s father needs just as much help as his daughter. Love blossoms as she encourages the two of them to become a family—one that she yearns to join. But can she overcome the tragedy in her past and find the courage to take a second chance on love?


**THE BEST GIFT (Steeple Hill, 2005; ISBN 0-373-87302-2)

In the first “Sisters & Brides” book, free-spirit A.J. Williams is paired with no-nonsense, buttoned-up Blake Sullivan as co-owner of Aunt Jo’s book store in St. Louis, Turning Leaves. It is not a partnership made in heaven. But as they work together to fight an unexpected threat to their inheritance, they both learn an important lesson: Never judge a book by its cover.


CROSSROADS (Steeple Hill, 2003; ISBN 0-373-87231-3)

Tess Lockwood, struggling alone to raise her troubled teenage son, finds an unexpected ally in high-school principal Mitch Jackson. As he works with her to help her son overcome his problems, she finds herself falling in love. But how can she get involved with Mitch without alienating her son, who considers the principal his enemy? Besides, the scars from her marriage run deep, leaving her afraid of another relationship. Mitch, too, has his secrets—and his fears. Yet he is also falling in love. Can Mitch and Tess find the courage to face the demons from their past, put their trust in God, and take a second chance on love?


NEVER SAY GOODBYE (Steeple Hill, 2002; ISBN 0-373-87182-1) Award Winner!

RITA Award Winner

When a tragic accident takes the life of her four-year-old daughter and sends her husband to prison for vehicular manslaughter, Jess Mitchell’s world crumbles. And when her faith provides no answers—or comfort—she abandons it. Now Scott Mitchell has returned, determined to win back the woman he loves. With renewed faith and trust in the Lord, he sets out to convince Jess that he’s a changed man. But can Jess find it in her heart to let go of hate—and the past—and open her heart to love once again?


THE WAY HOME (Steeple Hill, 2000; ISBN 0-373-87118-X) Award Winner!

                                Re-issued 2006 2-in-1 Love Inspired Classics—ISBN 0-373-65270-4

Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice  Award Winner

Successful broadcast journalist Amy Winter thought work was all she needed to make her happy—until prosecuting attorney Cal Richards walked into her life. With his abiding faith and solid sense of priorities and values, he suddenly had her questioning everything she believed in—and everything she’d stopped believing in. As their paths begin to cross, animosity gradually gives way to respect, then friendship—and finally love. But only by reconciling their differences can they find a future together.


ONE SPECIAL CHRISTMAS (Steeple Hill, 1999; ISBN 0-373-87077-9)

Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice  Award Finalist

Dr. Eric Carlson had learned long ago that marriage and medicine don’t mix. And Kate Nolan had already had her once-in-a-lifetime love. But as Christmas approached, could they learn to let go of the past and open their hearts once again to the gift of love?


IT HAD TO BE YOU (Steeple Hill, 1999; ISBN 0-373-87058-2)

Maggie Fitzgerald had loved Jake West since their first teenage kiss. But then tragedy struck and he left her alone on the eve of their wedding to raise two orphaned nieces. Now, 12 years later, he’s suddenly appeared by chance at her remote inn. Romance blossoms anew, and Jake makes it clear he is eager to make amends. But Can Maggie find the courage to trust again?


*A FAMILY TO CALL HER OWN (Steeple Hill, 1998; ISBN 0-373-87025-6

 Re-issued 2005, ISBN 0-373-80975-1)

When Rebecca Matthews saves an injured stranger, she doesn’t realize her life will change forever. For disillusioned reporter Zach Wright, Rebecca is a refreshing—and appealing—reminder that goodness still endures. But a secret from her past makes Rebecca afraid to get too close—until a little girl in need unexpectedly enters their lives and changes everything.


*A GROOM OF HER OWN (Steeple Hill, 1998, ISBN 0-373-87016-7)

                                                      Re-issued 2005, ISBN 0-373-80973-5

                                                  Re-issued 2006 2-in-1 Love Inspired Classics—ISBN 0-373-65270-4

Gregarious, outspoken Sam Reynolds and minister Brad Matthews are an unlikely pair—until romance breaks down the barriers between them to reveal surprising common ground. But is their love strong enough to allow Sam to move beyond—and Brad to accept—a devastating secret from her past?


*HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Steeple Hill, 1997, ISBN 0-373-87007-8)

When architect Nick Sinclair is forced to work with unknown landscaper Laura Taylor, he resents her. But not for long. For neither can deny their mutual attraction. But as friendship blossoms into love, can Laura find the courage to overcome her painful past and take a second chance on love?


A DELICATE BALANCE (Avalon, 1994; ISBN 0-8034-9040-2)

When human resources consultant Melissa Stewart is hired to straighten out a morale problem at Linden Electronics, she quickly pinpoints the source—company president Alex Linden, a hard-driving workaholic. Though impressed by his business savvy, Melissa is less impressed by Alex on a human level. Unlike him, she is a firm believer in balancing work and play—a lesson she learned the hard way. Yet as they work to solve the problems at Linden, Melissa sees intriguing glimpses of another Alex. Likewise, he is intrigued by a secret in her past. Will the two ever see eye-to-eye? Or better yet, heart-to-heart?


A RAINBOW IN THE GLEN (Avalon, 1993; ISBN 0-8034-9012-7

                                                  (Re-issued large print 1995 by Thorndike, ISBN 0-7451-2880-7)

Romance is definitely not on the itinerary when Glynnis O’Connor takes her father to Ireland to fulfill a lifelong dream. But she hadn’t counted on Jason Randolph. A fellow American referred to as “the mystery man” by locals, he keeps to himself. Yet Glynnis and Jason find themselves drawn to each other. When the mystery of his past is at last revealed, and when Glynnis finally puts a long-ago unhappy romance to rest, only one question remains: In the magical glens of Ireland, can they learn to love again?


MIRROR IMAGE (Avalon, 1993; ISBN 0-8034-8990-0)

As a feature writer for “Profile” magazine, Andee McCreary arrives in the West Indies to interview elusive, best-selling novelist Steve Creighton—only to discover that she bears an uncanny resemblance to his lost love. Though the attraction is mutual, can she ever be more than a stand-in for a ghost from his past?


SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE (Avalon, 1992; ISBN 0-8034-8921-8)

When Kendall Williams is hired to direct a benefit musical in Hawaii, she finds herself attracted to the producer’s son, Nathan Reed. But he is as self-contained as she is expressive, a master at concealing his deeper emotions. The attraction is obviously mutual, yet he has a low opinion of theater people and is clearly holding back. Can Kendall draw him out—and convince him that she would be his perfect leading lady?


WHEN LILACS BLOOM (Avalon, 1991; ISBN 0-8034-8891-2)

Casey Randall has landed a dream job as a photographer with “Journeys” magazine. But complications arise when she finds herself falling in love with her aloof, bitter boss. Jeremy Morgan is struggling with demons from his past, prompted by a debilitating injury that has convinced him that love is not in the cards for him. Casey thinks otherwise. But only if she can break through the shell he’s built around his heart will they have a chance to build a life together.


WHEN THE HEART TAKES WING (Avalon, 1991; ISBN 0-8034-8860-2)

After a whirlwind five-week courtship, stable, logical, cautious Dr. Elizabeth Douglas finds herself engaged to one of Albuquerque’s most eligible bachelors. And she is determined to blend into his jet-set world—even if that means taking flying lessons. Her apprehension is immediately apparent to her flight instructor, Dan Lawrence, who seems keenly attuned to everything she is feeling. And suddenly, fear of flying is the least of her problems. For Dan is making her question many things—including her engagement. Can she honor her promise, or will she heed the call of true love?


PORTRAIT OF LOVE (Thomas Nelson, 1985; ISBN 0-8407-7373-0)

When Jenny Davis inherits her aunt’s ranch in Colorado, she has no intention of staying longer than the stipulated month. She is a big-city woman through and through. Which doesn’t particularly impress her neighbor, Jeff Blake. But as summer comes to the Rockies, Jenny discovers that her cool, aloof neighbor is actually a skilled, sensitive artist. And she also discovers that somewhere along the way her values have gotten off track. As the world began to bloom around her, so does Jenny. But how can she convince the man next door that she, too, has changed—not just for a season, but for always?


IN NAME ONLY (Thomas Nelson, 1985; ISBN 0-8407-7363-3)

The European trip of a lifetime turns into a nightmare for Brooke Peyton when she is temporarily sidelined after being struck by a car. When the driver of the car, Alex D’Aprix, invites her to recuperate in his French Riviera home, she writes him off as a shallow, jet-setting playboy. But after spending time with him, she quickly revises her opinion and finds herself falling in love with her handsome host. When he unexpectedly asks her to marry him as a “favor” to help him out of a tricky business situation, he knows it will be a marriage in name only. Yet she loves Alex, and prays that in time that he will come to love her, too. But will her prayers be heard?


LOVE INSPIRED CLASSICS: THE BEST GIFT & GIFT FROM THE HEART Steeple Hill, 2009 (ISBN 978-0-373-65131-3)                                  

LOVE INSPIRED CLASSICS: NEVER SAY GOODBYE & CROSSROAD Steeple Hill, 2008 (ISBN 978-0-373-65117-7)                                  


TOGETHER AGAIN (Contains “It Had To Be You”); Steeple Hill, 2003 (ISBN 0-373-87130-9)

THE THREE GIFTS (Contains “One Special Christmas”); Steeple Hill, 2002  (ISBN 0-373-87240-2)

HOLIDAY BLESSINGS (Contains “Home For The Holidays”); Steeple Hill, 2000 (ISBN 0-373-78525-9)

CROSSINGS (Contains “A Family to Call Her Own”); Steeple Hill, 1998 (ISBN 0-7934-0528-4)


*  Vows” SeriesThrough the love of three special men, three friends are able to overcome

      the trauma of their past and look to the future with hope.


** “Sisters & Brides” SeriesThree sisters inherit very special legacies from a great aunt, which

      ultimately lead them to the best gift of all—love.


***Davis Landing SeriesThis is Book 3 in the multiple-author continuity series about a

    publishing dynasty in Tennessee.


   Heartland Homecoming SeriesIn Oak Hill, Missouri, deep in the nation’s heartland, love is

     in the air for three special couples!


    Heroes of Quantico Series—Coop, Mark and Nick—three of the FBI’s finest. But each is about to

     face a challenge that will push his skills to the limit…and change his life forever.


   Lighthouse Lane SeriesOn a quaint Nantucket byway, the beacons of faith and love

     guide three couples home.